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Cinema in Magdeburg

The evening has just begun and you have some time to fill before the next party.


This is the perfect time to watch a movie.
Check out the programme at CinemaxX
near the train station, take a ride to the Village
Cinemas in the North of Magdeburg next to the
A2 motorway or enjoy a not-so-typical film at the
Studio Cinema at Moritzplatz which screens both
general releases and special seasons of films.
In summer, you can enjoy the many open air
cinema events – there is something for every age and taste.




In the heart of the city and next to the Magdeburg train station you will find the tall CinemaxX building.

The cinema complex has 9 screens and offers a wide range of films for every taste and at all times.

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logo cinestar

This cinema complex is located in the green north of Magdeburg and can be easily reached by the city motorway or the A2 motorway.

Sit back and relax in one of the fully air-conditioned halls of the CineStar and enjoy the latest movies and top films at all times.
Check out your favourite film!

The cinema has adequate free parking facilities and is connected to the city by bus - to accommodate every cinema enthusiast.

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This independent cinema, a true insider tip, is located in the north at Moritzplatz in the Neue Neustadt district.Studiokino

If you wish for a less Hollywood-dominated programme, come to the Studio Kino which shows a mix of art-house, avant-garde and mainstream cinema. You will be surprised by the small and cosy film theatre and you will instantly be charmed by its special atmosphere and offer. Come, enjoy and relax.

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