Magdeburg in the new millennium
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Magdeburg in the new millennium (Years 2000 to 2010)

Grüne Zitadelle, Hundertwasserhaus


Laying of the cornerstone of the Experimental Factory.
Opening of a cycle path along the river Elbe.
Laying of the cornerstone of the new building of the University library.
Magdeburg hosts the “Festival of Reformation”, which is presented by the European tourism association “Reformation Sites”.
Inauguration of the Guericke memorial in St. John's Church.
Opening of the motorway A14, the first newly built motorway in East Germany.


Unveiling of a memorial in honour of the victims of the external concentration camp “Magda” in Magdeburg-Rothensee.
Magdeburg hosts the new Telemann music contest.
The community Beyendorf-Sohlen is incorporated into Magdeburg.
The handball team of the SC Magdeburg wins the European Cup.
Dr Lutz Trümper takes his office as new mayor.
The handball team of the SC Magdeburg wins the 6th European Championship for Club Teams in the Ostseehalle in Kiel, Germany.
Exhibition “Otto the Great – Magdeburg and Europe” in the Cultural History Museum (more than 300,000 visitors came to see the unique medieval exhibits).


Otto von Guericke Year
Archaeologists excavate a crypt dating back to the 10th century on Cathedral Square.
The SC Magdeburg is the first German club to win the Champions League final.
Laying of the cornerstone of the construction of the Russian orthodox church.
35 Otto von Guericke Hemispheres are posted at various locations in the city area. (The hemispheres enormously enriched the appearance of the city during the Otto von Guericke Year.)
On 13th August the so called Jahrhunderthochwasser (flood of the century) reaches Magdeburg. The water level at Petriförder climbs from 2.88m to 3.34m within 24 hours. The water reaches the highest level of 6.70m on 19th August. (Damages are estimated to be several millions as a result of the flood.)
Magdeburg is the winner of the German federal competition “Unsere Stadt blüht auf” (our city is blossoming).


Dr Willi Polte receives Magdeburg’s honorary citizen award.
Presentation of the founding document for the culture foundation ”Kulturstiftung Kaiser Otto” by the Home Secretary Klaus Jeziorsky.
Magdeburg becomes a member of the international “Hanseatic League”.
Magdeburg becomes a twin town with the city of Nashville.
Archaeologists discover 11 tombs and foundations on Cathedral Square, which help clear up an old misunderstanding: The alleged palatinate is probably a remnant of the Ottonian cathedral.
Opening of the Schinkel Hall at the Society House in Klosterbergegarten.
The main celebration of the Day of German Unification are held for the first time in Magdeburg.
Opening of the Waterway Cross, an awe-inspiring building project completed near Magdeburg.
Official start of the construction work for the last project by the world-famous architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.


Unveiling of a memorial stone at Petriförder in memory of the destructive events which followed the “flood of the century” in 2002.
Start of extensive restoration work on the view tower in the Rotehornpark.
Laying of the cornerstone of the new Hundertwasser House building which is named “Green Citadel” and located at the north-west corner of Cathedral Square.
World champion boxer Sven Ottke signs the Mayor’s guest book in the New Town Hall.
After devastating destruction caused to the church building by air attacks during the Second World War, the works on the south spire of St. John's Church are completed.


Magdeburg celebrating its 1200th anniversary with 12 major events
The Saxony-Anhalt Day in Magdeburg attracting 580 000 visitors
Inauguration of the GREEN CITADEL OF MAGDEBURG, the last architectural project by the renowned artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser
6th International Puppetry Festival in Magdeburg
Opening of the reconstructed Sternbrücke bridge
Former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker receives the Emperor Otto Award
Reopening of the Schauspielhaus theatre venue in the Otto-von-Guericke Strasse
Opening of a road tunnel constructed below the Universitätsplatz square
Handing over the newly restored Old Town Hall
Inauguration of the Roland statue in front of the Old Town Hall


Laying of the cornerstone for the new Marietta Centre on Breiter Weg
Action started to collect signatures in order to save the ship lift
Events to celebrate the "Year of Science"
Grand opening of a new shopping floor in the Allee Center
Demolition of the former Bördebrauerei (local brewery) in Sieverstorstrasse
The 1st FC Magdeburg, the city’s football team, winning the German Landespokal match
Opening of the new culture centre "Thiem 20" on Thiemplatz
Ship lift closed to inland waterway traffic
Reopening of the viewing tower in Rotehornpark
"Thousand Years of Baptism" exhibition in Magdeburg Cathedral
"The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation 962 – 1806" exhibition in the Cultural History Museum
Completion of the seven-year project to rebuild the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University Hospital
Inauguration ceremony of the new stadium

2007 The first “Stolperstein” memorial stone is laid in Magdeburg
The first ever mutual declaration of recognition of baptism in Germany is signed by representatives from eleven different churches in Magdeburg Cathedral
The first Magdeburg Multigenerational House is opened in the Neustädter Feld district
The ‘new’ city hospital in the Olvenstedt district, into which the Old City Centre Hospital was integrated, is officially inaugurated
The Olvenstedt district celebrates its 1050th anniversary
A Romanesque Information Centre is opened in Magdeburg Cathedral Square
A spectacular theatre show is performed to celebrate the 800th birthday of Mechthild of Magdeburg, a famous medieval beguine and mystic
The reconstructions of three of the four allegoric sculptures on the Zollbrücke Bridge, namely those representing navigation, trade and industry, are unveiled in a celebratory ceremony
2008 The last of the four allegoric sculptures, namely the sculpture representing agriculture, is mounted on the Zollbrücke Bridge
The new Magdeburg Cathedral organ is inaugurated
The Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia and the Chinese city of Harbin become twin cities of Magdeburg
The “Spektakel der Macht – Rituale im Alten Europa 800-1800“ (‘Acts of Power and Strength – Rituals of Old Europe from 800 to 1800’) exhibition is held in Magdeburg Cultural History Museum
The Cleve Bastion and Romanesque Art Centre are awarded the “Building of the Year 2007” prize by the Architecture and Engineering Association of Magdeburg
The bells of St. John’s Church are re-commissioned and ring out for the first time in over 60 years
The Elke von Repgow Award is presented to Prof. Rudolf Schieffer

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, W. Bartoszewski, is presented with the Emperor Otto Award 2009 in Magdeburg Cathedral
The construction of the new Magdeburg North Fire Station in Peter-Paul-Strasse is completed
13,000 Magdeburg residents participate in 200 different events at the “Long Night of Science”
A dedication ceremony for the Queen Louise Monument in the Geschwister Scholl Park takes place
The exhibition of the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt entitled “Aufbruch in die Gotik – der Magdeburger Dom und die späte Stauferzeit“ (’The Gothic Awakening – Magdeburg Cathedral and the Late Staufen Era’) is held
The square in front of the MDCC Arena football stadium is named the "Heinz-Krügel-Platz" in memory of the deceased trainer of the 1. FC Magdeburg football club, who led the team to victory in several German and international football championships
A festival week celebrates the 800th anniversary of Magdeburg Cathedral
The Lothar Kreyssig Peace Prize is awarded to Michaela Vidláková in St. John’s Church
The pianist Menahem Pressler becomes an honorary citizen of Magdeburg

The Magdeburg "City of Otto" umbrella brand campaign is launched
The presentation year of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) on the topic of “Living by and with the River Elbe"
The Georg Philipp Telemann Award of the Capital City Magdeburg is awarded to the British violinist Simon Standage
The largest ever German RoboCup tournament (the German Open) is hosted in Magdeburg and welcomes more than 1000 participants
PPP investments and funding from the German Economic Stimulus Package II (“Konjunkturpaket II”) are used to renovate schools in the city
The Mental Calculation World Cup is held in Magdeburg
The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Evita is performed by Magdeburg Theatre as its Open-Air Summer event in the Cathedral Square
A multitude of guests and visitors attend the Town Hall Festival celebrating 20 years of German unity
Queen Edith is reburied in Magdeburg Cathedral
The world’s elite in men's table tennis gather in the Bördelandhalle for the Men’s Table Tennis World Cup

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