How get to Magdeburg
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How to get to Magdeburg

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Magdeburg is favourably located in the centre of Germany and as the capital city of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt it is easily accessible by all forms of transportation.


How to get around in Magdeburg

  • Bus and tram service of the Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe (public transport company):
  • Bus and tram service of the NASA in Saxony-Anhalt:
  • Taxi/Cab and special taxi service for tourists/visitors: +49 (0)391 - 73 73 73
  • Check out the following website for live traffic reports and parking facilities in Magdeburg:

Umgebungskarte von Magdeburg


By car:

  • Motorways
    A2: Hanover-Berlin (Berliner Ring Motorway - Oberhausen)
    A14: Magdeburg-Halle/ Leipzig-Dresden (Magdeburg - Nossen)

  • Federal roads
    B1: Dutch border/ Vaalserquartier – Polish border/ Küstrin-Kietz
    B71: Magdeburg - Könnern
    B81: Magdeburg - Netzkater
    B184: Heyrothsberge - Leipzig
    B189: Magdeburg - Pritzwalk
    B246: Magdeburg - Belzig

By rail:

The central station is located in the city centre. Magdeburg is linked to the ICE/IC network of the German Rail. For further inquiries and information on timetables, please contact:


By bus:

Buses to many locations in Saxony-Anhalt arrive and depart from the central bus station. The Zentrale Omnibusbahnhof Magdeburg (ZOB) or central bus station is situated next to the central station and within a few minutes walk from the city centre. 


By plane:

Magdeburg is well-connected to international airports which are located in Berlin (ca. 150km), Hanover (ca. 150km) and Leipzig/ Halle (ca. 100km)Magdeburg Airport is for short-hop business flights and private traffic only.

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